The office uses a combination of cutting edge 3D modelling and visualisation techniques alongside 2D drafting to ensure that all drawings are accurate, detailed and concise. Whilst advanced design software and computational techniques are used extensively, they are integrated effectively with hand drawing at the conceptual stage in order to allow a true feeling for the form of the yacht. This design empathy and aesthetic appreciation is evident in all our work be it an extreme high-technology offshore racing yacht or a more traditionally styled displacement motor-yacht.

Brett Bakewell-White

Born in Auckland to a sailing family, cruising and a history in competitive sailing includes National and International events ranging from dinghies, multihulls, match racing, through to offshore events. Acknowledged as one of New Zealand’s leading designers Brett is much sought after for technical advice and analysis in the media, TV, and as a speaker for specialist conferences. Approachable, but direct, Brett will quickly cut to the core of the design issues at play so that energy can be invested toward workable and spectacular solutions to unique design opportunities.

Our custom process


Briefing and Proposal

Design Options Review: Clearly states the clients design objectives, including specific requirements defining the appropriate approach to the design process.


Design Proposal: Following briefing and communication with the client we look at all aspects of their design objectives to produce a concept (proposal) exploring various possibilities. This is by no means a ‘final’ design, but merely a discussion document for further development. A written statement of methods, fees and deliverables accompanies this.


Development and Review

Design Development: The various conceptual options are discussed, from here a firm strategy is put into place, developing and refining, referring to the client’s objectives.


Review: Between client and designer, often revisiting the design development phase prior to finalising design.


Engineering and Construction

Detail Design / Engineering: All working drawings are finalisedand detailed, including General Assembly Drawings and Cut Sections, Structural engineering and specific detail.


Construction: Drawings are issued and discussed with builder to insure clarification. Communication continues throughout the construction process verifying any issues as they arise.

Philosphy for design

The two basic foundations to our philosophy of design are:

From the moment a design is undertaken we believe that the most crucial step is establishing the client’s brief and requirements. Involvement of the client in the design process starts in the early stages. This lets them become intimately involved in the decision-making and design process, also making them aware of the issues and potential problems as they arise.

We aim to give the client the boat of their dreams, not somebody else’s.

Our second notion of ‘appropriateness’ provides the basis for decision making through the entire design process, whether it is how long the vessel should be, how much it displaces, what colour it should be painted, or what type of fabric should be used for the upholstery, the same question can be asked.   Is it appropriate for the intended function and is it in keeping with the client’s desires for this vessel? The technology is available to give a client almost anything that they may desire, but the question should always be asked whether by providing any particular item, the client’s stated objectives are further satisfied.


That the design must reflect, above all else, the client’s requirements and desires.


The resulting design should be appropriate to the stated function.

award-winning designs

  • [01] Anarchy

    11.3m/12.2m Carbon Club Racer

  • [02] Zana/Konica/Lahana/RIO 100

    30.5m Carbon Supermaxi

  • [03] Spirit

    35m Composite Wavepiercing Superyacht

  • [04] Time to Burn

    12.5m Cruiser / Racer

  • [05] Wired

    15.85m Canting Keel Racer/Cruiser

  • [06] Fork in the Road

    13.7m Home Built Composite Club Racer

  • [07] General Lee/Clockwork

    11.3m IRC Race Yacht

  • [08] Sleepyhead

    10.3m Carbon Offshore Powerboat Racer

  • [09] Braveheart/Valkyrie

    15.85m TP52 Carbon Race Yacht

  • [10] Jazz Player

    12m Production One Design Racer / Cruiser


  • [01] Anarchy

    LOA: 12.25 m

    LWL: 10.30 m

    Bmax: 3.75 m

    Displacement: 3830 kg

    Sail Area: 102 m2

  • [02] Zana / Konica / Lahana / RIO

    LOA: 30.48 m

    LWL: 28.56 m

    Bmax: 6.05 m

    Displacement: 23530 kg

    Sail Area: 450 m2

  • [03] Wired

    LOA: 15.85 m

    LWL: 15.30 m

    Bmax: 4.15 m

    Displacement: 8800 kg

    Sail Area: 180 m2

  • Anarchy
  • Zana / Konica / Lahana / RIO
  • Wired